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Welcome to the official PixelAdventureCraft store!



 PayPal: a secure payment method that allows you to use the card of your choice or directly your virtual account. Creating a PayPal account is easy, fast and free:

 Credit Cards: use your own credit card and make purchases on our store quickly and safely. Don't worry: your card details will not be registered by us in any way 

Purchases TOS

  • - Make sure you have the right minecraft name entered it is case sensitive.

  • - Be sure to be online to receive the rewards and have empty inventory slots.

  • - All purchases made are NON-REFUNDABLE any disputes or PayPal charge backs will result in a perm ban from
  • - Purchases can take up to 15 minutes to receive , if the allotted time has passed please contact staff in our discord.

  • - During the event of any server reset we will only give back Ranks, or anything purchased within the last month.